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Car Ac Repair

Car AC Repair In Denton TX

Fixing Your AC For When The Weather Gets Tough

Understanding The Basics Of Automotive Ac

Like many other systems in your vehicle, your air conditioning requires maintenance over its service life so it can perform its duties well. A car’s AC unit does more than just maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin; it also keeps humidity under control, prevents outdoor air pollutants from entering, and keeps you healthier if you’re prone to allergies. Like a window unit or central air, it’s made up of several parts, each of which needs periodic inspection, adjustment, or even replacement. These parts include the compressor, condenser, fan, filter, thermal expansion valve, evaporator, plus smaller but equally important components that contribute to the overall efficacy of the AC unit. At Peterson Automotive Repair, we offer a slew of car AC repair and maintenance services that keep your air conditioning system working right and effectively. Our technicians are ASE Certified and experienced with servicing all makes and models. Please give us a call at (940) 441-3846 to schedule an appointment here at our auto shop or for our mobile service, where we come to you.

Signs Of A Bad Or Broken AC Unit

Parts wear, malfunction, and break—it’s to be expected, especially if you consistently use your AC system as often as we do in Texas. Fortunately, your air conditioning will let you know when something is not right via several clues. The most obvious? Little to no airflow. Or, there is airflow, but it comes out warm. Also, unusual sounds may emit when the system is on if there is a problem, and if there is a freon leak somewhere, you will notice the thin, greasy substance in the cabin, under the hood around the compressor or under your vehicle. It’s important to note that these symptoms can have multiple causes that are best diagnosed and addressed by a trained technician, which you will find with Peterson Automotive Repair. To prevent these issues from happening in the first place, however, and to ensure it remains up to par all year long, there are a few tasks you can do on your own. For example, we recommend running it at least once a week for ten minutes—even if you don’t need it on. Also, keep the exterior grilles located near the edge of the windshield clear of debris, as leaves and other items can clog the system.


Denton TX

AC Maintenance And Repair SErvices

When we service your car, we start by inspecting the system. If needed, we’ll change air and cabin filters, recharge or change the refrigerant, and make sure that electrical and mechanical parts are all working properly, making adjustments, cleaning, and lubricating as we go. Working with refrigerants requires a steady and skilled set of hands, as it poses health and environmental hazards if not handled properly. No matter what kind of car AC repair or maintenance your vehicle may need, from quick service to an involved parts replacement, leave it to the experts at Peterson Automotive Repair in Denton, Texas! We provide a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty with each of our services. Rest assured, we’ll get you back on the road safe and sound. Feel free to call to book an appointment today! We proudly offer both in-shop and on-site services to accommodate the needs of our customers as best as we can. Our shop is located at 1008 S Woodrow Ln, Denton, TX 76205.