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Suspension Repair


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One of the most important but often overlooked car systems is the suspension. The suspension system is what facilitates the smooth and comfortable drive you’re used to in your vehicle. Through a combination of parts and processes, the suspension absorbs road flaws, such as bumps and potholes, maximizing the vehicle’s overall performance. In addition to that, it also aids in keeping your tires safely on the road. The suspension is located on the undercarriage of your car, truck, or SUV, and it consists of a myriad of pieces: the springs, shocks/struts, control arms, rods, sway bar, bushings, linkages, and ball joints. Keeping your suspension system in good condition is key to a streamlined ride, and the professionals at Peterson Automotive Repair, serving Denton, Texas, are more than prepared to offer their expert assistance when you need it! For suspension repair, inspection, or parts replacement, contact us soon.


A major characteristic of the suspension system is its ability to create a smooth ride. If you start to experience a bumpier on-the-road experience or shakiness while driving, your suspension may be compromised. Another sign you may need suspension repair is a knocking sound when you traverse adverse road conditions. Pulling or drifting when you drive straight, unreliable steering or accelerated or uneven tire wear are additional symptoms to keep an eye out for. Many different issues can occur due to the suspension’s complex nature. For example, springs can break or become damaged, the control arms can bend, ball joints can wear to a breaking point, and leaks can occur in the shocks. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of potential problems, but these are some of the most common that drivers experience. If you start to notice a change in your driving dynamics, whether it be a bouncier ride or loud noises when taking on a bump, find the time to contact us for suspension repair.

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When it comes to your suspension, you want only the most experienced, knowledgeable, and competent team on your side. Peterson Automotive Repair’s entire team of technicians is AllData and ASE-Certified trained, and dedicated to providing second-to-none car care. Whether it’s a simple inspection of the suspension system or an involved parts replacement, you can count on us to offer the same level of attention to detail and precision in all our suspension repair work. We stand behind our service expertise 100%, so much so that we include a free, comprehensive warranty that remains active for 12 months/12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Additional benefits of choosing us are our free quotes, complimentary 50-point inspections with each service, and the ability to perform on-site repair! Peterson Automotive Repair’s physical auto shop is located at 1008 S Woodrow Ln, Denton, TX 76205, but we also offer mobile car services to Denton and beyond. Give us a call at (940) 441-3846 to learn more about how we can help, from our professional suspension repair work to our mobile service capabilities.