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Stranded? Call Us!

There are a lot of reasons why you may be left stranded by the side of the road.

Cars are complex machines, and today’s cars are a lot more complex than your standard model.

That means there are quite a few ways that your vehicle might break down at any given time, which can be pretty stressful if you lack resources in terms of professional mechanic shops.

We are a mobile mechanic shop that will come fix your vehicle by appointment around the Plano and greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Here are some of the things that we commonly help out with when our customers call, to get them back on the road safely.

Tires and Wheels

A flat tire can leave you standing at the side of the road, listlessly staring at your car. At the same time, flat tires are not the only reason for wheel-related breakdowns. A disc brake caliper can come loose; a CV boot or axle can break or fail, and various suspension parts can get wedged where they shouldn’t be.

Wheel-related problems are common, and we have the roving mechanic toolkit to help get everything back into drivable condition.

Shut-offs and Shutdowns

In the old days, if you suddenly lost power to your vehicle, it often meant that you were out of gas.

Running out of gas will leave you stranded, but now you also have all sorts of engine computer codes that can cause the engine to suddenly shut down. That’s in addition to the spectrum of battery and ignition issues that you can have with a modern vehicle. To the average driver, it can seem overwhelming!

In fact, something as simple as the battery contacts can also be a breakdown situation where the driver is not able to start the vehicle. Or the problem can have to do with the alternator…

We are familiar with the range of problems that occur, and we have the resources and professional acumen to help. 

Other Scary Stuff

Suppose a hose or component of your radiator system breaks, and you have engine coolant all over the ground. Or under the punishing gulf conditions of a Texas summer, a belt or other component fails.

We can help with all of these problems, too. As an ASE-certified shop, we have the expertise that you need. And unlike the dealerships, we will come to you!

Although we are a mobile shop, we don’t come fix your vehicle at the side of the highway. You’ll have to get it towed to somewhere safe. With that in mind, you can use our free quote system and online tools to get an appointment to get your car back in good condition again! Just take a look and get in contact for a rescue. 

Written by Peterson Automotive Repair