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Auto Radiator Repair in Denton, TX

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Understanding The Role Of The Radiator

Do you know what the radiator is responsible for in your car? To understand the purpose of the radiator, you must first understand the cooling system. The cooling system removes excess heat and maintains a level operating temperature; it consists of the radiator, thermostat, water pump, coolant, fan, freeze plugs, pressure cap, heater core, overflow tank, and radiator hoses. The radiator circulates the coolant throughout the engine, designed to keep the engine’s temperature at an optimum level by eliminating excess heat. The coolant runs through the hoses from the radiator throughout the engine to absorb heat and travels back to the radiator. The heat is then released from the coolant to the outside air. This process is ongoing when your engine is on. If something goes amiss with your radiator, several situations can crop up, one of them being an overheating engine. At Peterson Automotive Repair in Denton, Texas, rest assured we have the tools and experience to address radiator problems and provide auto radiator repair properly.