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Oil Change in Denton, TX

Proper Oil and Oil Filter Change Services

Why Motor Oil Is Important

Regular oil changes are key to overall vehicle performance and longevity. Oil serves three main duties in your car, truck, or SUV. The first is lubrication. The natural viscosity of oil prevents friction between parts, allowing each to work alongside harmoniously. The second is absorption. When oil flows throughout the engine, it collects dust, debris, and byproducts, trapping them in the oil filter. The third is temperature control. The oil absorbs any excess heat generated in the engine. Your car’s oil is a protective factor in keeping your engine safe from corrosion, wear and tear, and unexpected temperature jumps. These factors help your vehicle maintain good mileage and upkeep its value, positioning oil changes as a vital part of regular automotive maintenance. Here at Peterson Automotive Repair in Denton, Texas, we provide oil change service for all makes and models, including oil filter replacement, efficiently and affordably.